Sometimes your computer may display a xerox e7 error message. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    xerox e7 error

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    xerox e7 error

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  • Code: E7-2
  • Display: Duplex Jam; open 2-sided printing for cleaning Press i —
  • Description: Duplex Jam E7-2
  • Causes: • HVPS/Motor Logic Board • Duplex Unit Sensor • Unit DriverDuplex Printer • Duplex Printer Roller • Pinch Roller • Duplexer Rear Motor
  • Solution: 1 Does an error occur when dominance is enabled? Go to entry 2. Go to step 4. Step two 1.Open the duplex unit cover. 2. Check for paper on the duplex unit drive only. Is there paper currently on the drive to remove the duplex unit? paper and go to step 3. Go to the duplex sensor unit. 3 Does an error occur when the power is turned on? Go to the duplex sensor block. Go to step 4. 4 1. Remove and reinstall the duplex unit. Double. Go to the Service Diagnostics section and in the special menu Engine Test Print, set the Duplex option to On. 3. In this engine test print menu, purchase a test print template. What error should occur with double-sided test shots? Go to step 5. Problem solved. 5 Check the paper position. You see an openDuplex unit key. Does the cutting edge of ads reach the top list of their division? duplex Go to step 6. Go to the motor output node. six 1. Remove the left duplex unit cover. 2. Manually rotate the human gears. Do the duplex unit roller and all gears rotate correctly? Go to step 7. Replace parts as often as necessary. 7 1.Open the duplex unit cover and insert paper documents, then close it. 2. Turn the roller mechanism up clockwise by hand and also check the paper transfer. Did the file transfer without problems? Go to step 5. Replace drive parts as needed. 6-8 Enter service diagnostics and select High Duplex Motor test from the current Motor/Fan Tests menu. Does the reversible motor unit rotate normally? Go to step 9. Go to Duplex unit motor. 9 Call the service diagnostics. Also, the tests in the Motors/Fans menu prefer the Duplex Motor Low test. Does the duplex unit motor run faster? Replace the Logic HVPS/Engine board.
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