Hope this blog post helps you when you encounter the utoc r error.

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    â € ¢ as a result of an error during REC-PLAY recording

    … The address could not be read. REC status cannot be set for 4 seconds

    The status of the digital signal that will be fed through the D-IN during recording

    (3) Copy NG because the clone bit on the CD changes.

    â € ¢ Digital reception resulting from REC-

    . D-IN was introduced

    â € ¢ If an attempt can be made at the starting point, the track will not be executed

    â € ¢ Non-audio data was recorded in specific track type

    utoc error r

    â € ¢ System ID “MINI” data that was recently written to the table of contents using

    â € ¢ The type of DVD shown in the table of contents does not necessarily match the preliminary /

    â € ¢ If you try to install REC-PAUSE, nothing happened yet â € • Replace the blank disc with another recordable disc

    â € ¢ An attempt was made to install REC-PAUSE or start processing â € The inserted disc is for blank playback.

    â € ¢ An attempt to record or improve the recorded disc

    â € ¢ An attempt was made to edit a recorded track.

    … The data read was incorrect or the document could not be read correctly.

    – UTOC has been read but total TNO is missing, as well as the number of characters – Record to make sure the entire disk is missing


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • I want to share my current UTOC Sharp BUG immediately in the hopes that it will be useful to most owners of other Sharp 7xx machines. A long time ago I became the owner of a new recorder Sharp MD-MS702 MK 24-Bit ATRAC 5.0, sealed in its original packaging. eBay, which sold the boat, really went above and beyond neat packaging, use in an empty Sony MD 8x74min box, and an extra 800mAh Li-ion battery at no extra cost!

    Anyway, when I received it, I immediately checked if I could – i.e. For every first hour, at least in.

    Oh, what do I see when I try to assign an edit to my track? Pr Damned UTOC ERROR !!! I planned it for sure, because the camera has never been touched since the legacy “Made in Japan” and it was a modified MK 702. Wrong!

    utoc error r

    So I had a real car (I paid for it

    Therefore, in high hopes, I smeared the moving parts with grease and made the machine search back and forth several times to distribute it evenly. This made the very quiet mechanism even quieter, but no luck with the utoc ERROR problem. Sigh. Check out all the shiny metal parts that were found there. Don’t do them like you did before. There must be some way to soften this thing …

    It turns out that the sensory machine, when it works, can give you a more complete picture of what’s going on. The problem was with my nose all the time: the modulation of the magnetic head was far from the board ! No, I want to know that he can’t write anything, be it mental music or table of contents data. There is a lever mechanism that raises the magnetic head, allowing the minidisc door to close and remove the disc. This lever is a little neat, which should help the head click on the washer after it’s inserted. This was too fast for the spring, leaving the plastic 3mm from each of our top surfaces of the MO plate. With a little ligament, I bent the lever down a little, which did the trick and allowed the head to gently touch the record in a targeted manner. Thank goodness the parts are not materials.

    Fu! Build and some other verification processes. Everything is up and running in no time, even faster than my Sony HiMDs! I’ve added some floppy disks just in case. I also opened the door through the DM to make sure the head doesn’t scratch them. The silent plates looked flawless.

    Recordings made by this little 24-bit AD / DA browser sound much better than my own flash recorders (m-Audio, etc.) that use the same OS A single hardware source. What a special gem So what if all this really happens in real time? For me, quality is always more important than minimal discomfort. When I’m in a hurry, I can always use the fast Sony MZ-RH1 / M200. There

    So go for it – it’s worth it when you have a broken Sharp 7xx lying around.

    Download this fixer software and fix your PC today.

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