Today’s user guide is designed to help you when you receive the “recipient unknown in Outlook” error message.

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    Who are the unnamed recipients? An undisclosed recipient can be an email recipient whose email address is visible only to the sender of the email. In other conditions, no other recipient – primary and replicated (CC or BCC) – can permanently see the other recipient’s data.

    This article explains how to create an unrevealed Recipient contact in Outlook so you can send email and keep everyone’s addresses special. Instructions apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007; and Microsoft Outlook for 365.

    How To Create A Contact For Unknown Recipients

    How do I make undisclosed recipients in Outlook?

    Create the perfect new email in Outlook.Enter “Unknown Recipients” in each of our “To” fields. As you type, Outlook displays various suggestions.Select SC.Check the most important addresses you want to email to select Bcc.Select OK.Make up feelings.Select Submit.

    To create a contact that is in the To field of a quality email and hides the recipient’s contact information, open Outlook and follow these instructions:

    1. Go to the “Home” statement and in the “Find” group, select “Address Book”.

    2. Choose File > New Entry.

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    3. In the New Entry dialog box, select New Contact.

    4. Select OK.

    5. In the Full Name text box, enter Unknown Recipients.

    6. undisclosed recepient in outlook

      In the Email text box, enter your email address.

    7. Select Save & Close.

      If you haveIf there is an existing address book that uses your email address, a Duplicate Contact Detected dialog box will appear within a 60-foot radius. Select “Add new contact”, then “Add”.

    8. Close the address book.

    How To Send An Email To Unknown Recipients In Outlook

    undisclosed recepient in outlook

    Here are some tips for sending an email using all the recipient’s hidden contacts:

    1. Create a new message in Outlook.

    2. In the Segment section, enter Hidden Recipients. As you write, Outlook displays a list of suggestions. Select an unpublished recipient contact.

    3. Select SC.

      If owners don’t see the Bcc button, go to Options and select Bcc.

    4. Highlight the addresses you want to email and select cc. If you enter these addresses manually, separate each address with a semicolon.

    5. SelectOK.

    6. Compose a message.

    7. Select Submit.

    Good To Know

  • Create this new contact in an address message and enter Unknown Recipients in the Full Name field. Enter an email address in the Email field.
  • Create and send an email and add it to the Hidden Recipients field. Enter additional BCC email addresses in the box.
  • If you now have an address book entry that uses your email address, a Duplicate Contact Detected dialog box will appear. Select Add new contact and then select Add.


    If you send an email to a few friends (some of those who are connected to them don’t know each other) and put them all in the “To” field, the ultimate point of sending an email is to show addresses other people help you unknown people. To protect users’ email addresses from disclosure, you willsend them to all these unknown recipients and just use my “bcc” field when sending. This guide shows you all the details about how to send mail to unknown recipients in Outlook.

    Send emails to unknown recipients in Outlook

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    Send emails to unknown recipients in Outlook

    To fully send email to unknown recipients, you must create a dynamic contact with the full name “unknown recipients” at the beginning. Please proceed as follows.

    1. Get the contacts view by simply clicking “Contacts” in the navigation pane in Outlook 2007 and 2010. If you are using Outlook 2013, you need to click “Contacts” at the bottom of the main interface of Outlook.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • 2.Open the Contacts folder where you want to place the Undisclosed Recipients contact.

    3. Then in Outlook 2010 and 2013, on the Household tab, click New Contact. Outlook

    How do I make an email recipient undisclosed?

    Enter addresses in the Bcc field.To prevent your emails from ending up in spam folders, paste your email address into the “To” field.For the time being, consider the number of contacts before sending out a great email.Use “Unknown Recipients” to notify your recipients of bulk messages.

    In the 2007 version, click the buttonhave “Create” with ribbon.

    4.In the top-level contact popup you need to:

    one). In the Full Name text box, enter the words “recipient”, “unknown”

    2). Your own email address means full in this email body;

    3). “Click the Save and Close button.

    Recipients of a hidden contact may be created.

    You can now forward emails to these recipients without prior notice. Please follow the available procedure.

    5. Return to the email view by clicking Email in the navigation bar.

    6. Create a new innovative email by clicking New Email on the Home tab.

    7. In these message boxes, enter the letter “u” in the “To” field, then select unknown recipients from the auto-complete list, or tap the “To” button with your finger to select recipient names. recipients: prefer the contact dialog. See screenshot:

    8. Click Options > Bcc to read the Bcc field if it’s not normally shown on the the Message box, then click the Bcc button to name the recipients you are sending the email text message to send it to the Outlook Links folder.

    9. Write your email and then just hit the send button to move it.

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