Here are some simple steps that might help you fix the Runtime Viewer issue in Loadrunner 11.5.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button
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    The runtime options determine how the VuGen script is escaped and connected / reported. In addition, run parameters can be set in the VuGen script in the controller when the test is performed frequently (the run parameters in the controller override the parameters set in the script).

    Only the decisive moment, please …

    LoadRunner 11.50 was released on June 5th by HP Discover 2012 in Las Vegas. This was an earlier version called LoadRunner 12.00, but would not match the translation numbers For ALM / Quality Center and QTP, which could lead to confusion in promotions.

    A significant R&D effort has been invested in VuGen, with only vehicle bug fixes (or very minor features) for LoadRunner and controller analysis. Those in beta have been playing with the new VuGen for an incredible 9 months and should be very familiar with these changes. Therefore, this article is now for those of you who missed it.

    As with all major versions of LoadRunner, I suggest that my customers download the replacement version to play with, but especially defer using it for real projects until the first Feature Pack is released (let someone else make the selection mistakes). … Of course, you should never update in the middle of a final draft.

    New VuGen

    VuGen really started to evolve as a medium, so the HP R&D department in Israel went to great lengths to create a (almost) completely new VuGen. VuGen 11.50 is based on an open source IDE called SharpDevelop (similar to Visual .NET Studio). IDE SharpDevelop will be the basis forI test several HP software including Product, QuickTest Pro, Service Test and thus Service Virtualization Designer.

    runtime viewer in loadrunner 11.5

    Having an IDE for .NET languages ​​meant that HP had just taken some effective steps to support C and then integrate it with existing scripting features. Some of the old VuGen visitor interface components, such as fine-tuning and runtime settings windows, have been reused, but much of the user interface has been reloaded. It should be noted that scripts created with VuGen 11.50 are always very similar to scripts created with VuGen 11.00. The scripts still have a real file and directory structure and these companies are still executed by the mmdrv.exe interpreter. Only the development environment has changed?

  • New custom dock. SharpDevelop has provided HP with a number of cool features such as dockable windows on this site, code completion, etc.
  • New program value, new syntax highlighting colors
  • Tree functions removed and replaced with turn-by-turn navigator
  • Was brokena botanized C debugger that should provide better code visibility than just log messages of its parameters and values ​​that were previously displayed randomly at runtime
  • Improvements For Web Users

    How to enable runtime viewer in loadrunner?

    4 Press F5 or press execute button on gun shaft. 5 After several displays, VuGen opens the runtime view and also begins executing the script, sometimes in script view or tree view, whichever you launched last. In the Runtime Viewer, you can creatively observe the actions of the Vuser.

  • Improved support for Ajax request models, including polls, long polls, and push notifications.
  • An improved correlation studio where you only have to play a little bit before you can find correlations.
  • Added Data Format Extension (DFE) for Google Toolkit Web (GWT). This makes it easier to read and map the serialized RPC data.
  • TruClient

  • Internet Explorer now has TruClient, so you can now use TruClient web applications for IE only. Please note that HTML JavaScript + Websites are still included. this does not mean that this type of Vuser suddenly supports ActiveX objects (or Flash or Java applets, etc.).
  • TruClient IE is less advanced than TruClient Firefox, it may even be functionally identical to the TruClient version that ships with LoadRunner 11.02 (Feature Pack 2).
  • TruClient IE was designed as an add-on for IE 9 and therefore does not work with older ones inIE versions. This version of IE was originally intended to be the version that would make most of the DOM available to the TruClient Vuser. Please note that your web application must support IE9 in “standard mode”.
  • Several features have also been added to TruClient Firefox. These include:
  • Possibility to specify the time of the experiment
  • Ability to define HTTP headers
  • URL Filter
  • Event handlers capable of automatically handling jagged windows, pop-ups, etc.
  • Added website distribution maps to TruClient (displayed in LoadRunner analysis). Previously, they were only available to regular users of the site.
  • Other Improvements

  • Improved Adobe Flex support
  • A completely new “rtmp” protocol has been added. Real Time Messaging (RTMP) is a good protocol developed by Macromedia for transferring audio, video and data between Flash player and server over this special Internet.
  • LoadRunner is now integrated with service virtualization, but I haven’t seen any concrete action yet.
  • .NET type to reproduceVuser post management now supports .NET 4.
  • LoadRunner can now also generate IPv6 using Load. This also includes IP address spoofing.
  • VuGen can now build 64-bit applications
  • Licenses

    If you are upgrading from LoadRunner 11.00 to 11.50, you will need to request a new license using an HP key, as this version will invalidate license compatibility (this was most recently for LoadRunner 8.1.3).

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • HP has also ported Vuser mobile device types and designs to existing web offerings. The Mobile Application Protocol has been shipped in the “Internet and Media” package, and the Mobile TruClient Vuser variant has been moved to packages with the regular type name TruClient Vuser; it can now be used in the Advanced Internet Application System and the Web 2.0 package.


    HP retains some of the community features built into VuGen. You can search for a community site in VuGen, and you can also add your personal sites to be included in your favorite searches (such as this one, take note! Take note!).


    VuGen refers to SharpDevelop, is that you can add your own important functions to VuGen using add-ons. So far, I’m the only one outside of HP who has definitely made an add-on suitable for VuGen, but hopefully there are many other helpful people out there who write add-ons that also make scripting easier.

    runtime viewer in loadrunner 11.5

    To learn more about add-ons, check out my presentation Extending VuGen 11.5 with Custom Add-ons.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some questions that were asked about LoadRunner 11.50 …

  • Is Performance Center 11.50 Released?
    Yes, it was developed at the same time as LoadRunner 11.50.
  • SharpDevelop is open source. VuGen depends on SharpDevelop. Is Vugen open source?
    No. SharpDevelop is under any LGPL license, which means that anyone who extends SharpDevelop should only generate their own code if they make changes directly to the LGPL area code, meaning they can freely use the SharpDevelop DLL in their own devices. and extend SharpDevelop for add-ons. It is also likely that HP has finishedAs for an even more generous license directly with the owner of the SharpDevelop brand (AlphaSierraPapa), it is possible that they have made positive changes to the SharpDevelop core. HP uses thousands of open source components before their reason code has to be released.
  • Will my VuGen 11.50 scripts work with earlier versions of generator manuals (such as LoadRunner 11.00 or Performance Center 11.00 or BSM 9.12)?
    Your script could potentially run as long as no one uses one of the new reasons (or Vuser types) reported in 11.50. I think I’m writing a VuGen add-on that experts say will check scripts for compatibility with older versions.
  • VuGen is now written in C #, does this mean that the scripting language for VuGen has changed at all?
    No. You are constantly developing your VuGen scripts in C.
  • How do I check my runtime data on loadrunner?

    Another way to open the Launch Settings option is to use the water tap from the VuGen menu. Click the Reading tab and select Execution Options from any list.

    Please leave a comment if you have further questions about LoadRunner 11.50.

    Download this fixer software and fix your PC today.

    Przegladarka Srodowiska Uruchomieniowego W Programie Loadrunner 11 5
    Sredstvo Prosmotra Sredy Vypolneniya V Loadrunner 11 5
    Laufzeitanzeige In Loadrunner 11 5
    Visualizador De Tempo De Execucao No Loadrunner 11 5
    Visualizzatore Di Runtime In Loadrunner 11 5
    Runtime Viewer I Loadrunner 11 5
    Runtime Viewer In Loadrunner 11 5
    Visor De Tiempo De Ejecucion En Loadrunner 11 5
    Loadrunner 11 5의 런타임 뷰어
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