In this user guide, we will describe some possible reasons that can cause Outlook Express Fix error number 0x800ccc0e, and then we will provide possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    Repair Outlook. the server requirements in the settings. Open Outlook.Remove duplicate accounts.Change the server fan number.Reinstall Outlook.

    error number 0x800ccc0e outlook express fix

    Have you endlessly struggled with a persistent Exchange Server client error when trying to connect? Error 0x800CCC0E is probably the most common error encountered by users of MS Outlook, Outlook Express or similar email clients when communicating by email. This article describes the exact cause of the error as follows:

    Failed to connect to the specified server. Account: “Your_account”, Server: “Your_SMTP-Server”, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): NO, Socket Error: 10061, Error 0x800ccc0e

    How do I fix error code in Outlook?

    Check your internet connection.Avoid accessing suspicious emails.Check your antivirus settings.Reinstall Outlook.Changing Server Timeout Settings You can manually increase the time that Outlook takes to connect to the server.

    By Number: It’s always a good idea to get this error to find out why the error occurred and how to fix it. Concept error: 0X800CCC0E is displayed for a number of reasons. This article explains in detail the mainThe reasons for the errors and instructions are provided on how to easily fix some of the problems. Let’s talk about our case first.

    Reasons For The Appearance Of Part Of The Error 0x800CCC0E

    How do I fix error 0X800CCC0E in Outlook?

    Check your internet connection.Check all your email account settings in Outlook.Delete emails if they look suspicious.Check your antivirus device and disable it.Check the location of the firewalls.Start Outlook in Safe Mode.

    error number 0x800ccc0e outlook express fix

    The main reason for the error 0x800CCC0E is the interruption of the Internet connection. Any configuration change that chooses to connect to Outlook could also be the functional cause of this error.

    Here are some of the more common reasons listed on the back of 0x800CCC0E:

  • Lost due to internet connection
  • Antivirus settings deny connection
  • Windows Firewall is blocking some Outlook features
  • Suspicious emails
  • SMTP handshake failed
  • Bad addons
  • Damaged files
  • Invalid configuration with wrong starting numbers
  • You need to know the culprit in order to quickly fix the problem.

    Fix IMAP Error In -0x800ccc0e MS Outlook

    To fix a major error, follow these steps.

    1. Be sure to check your internet connection
      This internet connection may be out of order Strong. A persistent Internet connection is determined by many factors; So in addition to hardware configuration changes that cause significant loss of connectivity on your system, be sure to check this out.
    2. Check your email account settings in Outlook
      This error can also occur due to configuration changes made to your Outlook email account. Certain business days that are not valid in the input, output, username, and therefore password options can affect the main connection of your Outlook application. Therefore, all account settings must always be correct. When checking your account setup, make sure the login includes the complete email address throughout. Make sure the port number, if it is your IMAP account, is correct in the Internet mail settings based on your Outlook account, and that SMTP checking for the outgoing mail server is enabled there as well. The procedure for setting parameters may differ in different versions of MS Outlook. Then you can writeRefer to websites developed by Microsoft for more information.
    3. Delete emails if they look suspicious
      Malicious emails can cause problems similar to blocking messages. Therefore, the possibility of deleting them from the mailbox through which the web program accesses them increases.
    4. Check your antivirus application and disable it
      Another cause of this error could be the antivirus installed on your system. Disable any antiviruses, firewalls, digital spammers, or email scanning programs that frequently run on your computer. Sometimes these types of programs prevent you from logging into your account message. Therefore, turn off all computer programs until you start receiving emails.
    5. Check your firewall settings
      Make sure your policy does not prevent Outlook.exe from accessing the Internet. However, there are many security risks associated with this method. Therefore, follow this method with extreme caution.
    6. Run Outlook in safe mode

      Starting Outlook in Safe Mode can fix many possible errors.

    7. In latest Windows 10/8 like Le 1/8/7 / Vista,
      Type Outlook.exe / safe in the search bar and press Enter.
    8. On Windows 2003, 2000 and XP,
      From Start> Run, type Outlook.exe / safe and display OK.
    9. The appearance of the application will be available in safe mode. Now click on File> Options. In the left pane, click the Add-ins option, and then click the Go option under Manage Com Add-ins in the appropriate pane. Uncheck AND add-ons, you will see OK to fix any issue directly in add-ons.
    1. Check your Outlook profile
      To test the functionality of your Outlook, create a new profile and then send / receive messages with the new profile. If that works well, make the new specific profile the default.

      Creating a new Outlook profile and setting it as the default profile can be very helpful in troubleshooting many Outlook errors.

    2. Clear the sune messages that are directly in the Outbox folder.
    3. Select offline mode on the Send / Receive tab.

      How do I fix IMAP in Outlook?

      Select the latest policy (POP or IMAP) and always click Next.In the POP & IMAP Account Settings window, provide the instructions as needed, and then click Advanced Settings.This will take you to the POP and IMAP account settings window.

    4. Select this outgoing mail folder, move mail messages to draft or the Delete message stored in the outgoing mail file folder.
    5. Increase the server timeout setting

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