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    Today’s article was created to help you if you receive error code 0x80040607. The main cause of the error is incorrect configuration of the SMTP / POP account. You can check the outgoing mail server and also check the Outlook connection. You can also fix errors 0x80040607 by changing the SMTP / POP authentication building with Outlook.

    How To Fix Error 0x80040607 When Sending Email Using Outlook 2010

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  • The most likely reason you are getting error code 0x80040607 when sending emails using Outlook 2010 is because you have not enabled SMTP authentication. The complete error message looks like this:

    error code 0x80040607

    Send test email: an unknown error occurred, error code: 0x80040607

    This requires outbound server authentication (SMTP) to be enabled. Launch your main Outlook, click on File Plates, then click on the Account Button Alternatives. In the new window of this part, select an account and generally click on the edit button. Click the “Settings” button for the “More” button, then in the window with your account details. Then in a small windowf, which runs the ad, click on the outgoing server box and check the box next to My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. The button “Use the same settings as my husband and I for incoming mail” should be huge by default. Then click “OK” and check your account again.

    error code 0x80040607

    For more information on how to adapt Outlook 2010 to use your email account, see the related short course or related article.

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    This error can potentially appear when starting Outlook 07. You will be prompted for your email password, and when you do, you will be prompted to do the same.

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    This expert error may be related to incorrect settings in yourth email account. Check your email account settings. Click “Outbound to Server” to view the projects. Click “My server must be authenticated” and change the conditions to “Use the same settings as incoming mail server”. Account settings again and click on the email bank account causing the problem. Click “Repair” and follow the instructions. More

    Tip For more information, see How to Fix Email Error # 0x80040607

    Fix error code 0x80040607: This error code may appear when you try to start Outlook 07. You will be prompted for your email address and password. If you are not tech savvy to resolve this error, what are you going to do? This written content teaches you how to fix email error code 0x80040607 in Windows operating system which consists of simple steps.

    Reasons For This Error Code

  • This error will appear every time you try to start Outlook 07.
  • This is also due to most of the incorrect settings in your email account. Error
  • This will appear in the “Sending Test Email: Timer Error Occurred” section.
  • Easy Steps To Fix The Error

    To fix this error yourself, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, check for patches in your email account.
  • To check the settings, you must select the Outgoing Server option.
  • Then someone has to click “My Server. Authentication Required” and change the conditions to use the same controls as on my incoming mail server.
  • If you still receive this error message, you need to veRip your entire family back to Mail Parts preferences.
  • You must click on an email account that has good reason to fail. You
  • then you need to select a recovery option and follow the instructions in the wizard.
  • Judgment

    In the article above, we have learned all the simple steps to fix the 0x80040607 email error on Windows. Please leave your feedback in the comments below. Thanks for visiting Windows Jet.