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    In some cases, your computer may return an error code indicating konica minolta error 17h. This error can have several causes.

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  • Code: 17H
  • Description: Rack Rotation Error
    †The rack position sensor is disabled when the rack system is de-energized.
    â € The luggage rack position sensor will not lock properly the second time, even if the set number of days have passed since it was initially locked while the trunk motor was actually turned on.
    This is because the rack and pinion position sensor cannot determine the deceleration position after a precisely set time has elapsed when the rack and pinion motor is started while the rack and pinion motor is running normally.
    â € The value of the signal counter at the edge of the shelf position sensor enable signal for each development result.i is not a preset value while the strut motor is running.
  • Remedy: 1 Normally check that the m2 connector is properly connected and correct if necessary. 2 Make sure the drive sleeve is seated correctly on M2 and correct if necessary. 3 Make sure the PRCB connector is properly connected and remove it if necessary. 4 PS3 sensor evaluation. 5 Functional test M2. 6 Edit the PRCB.
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