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  • Code: E511
  • Description: Error TR0
    – The PWBA microcontroller cannot receive signals that, after SENSOR TR-0 (sensor TR0), are normally output at the specified time.
  • Solution: 1 Check the photoconductor unit. Replace the photoconductor unit. Does the error repeat when you turn it on? Continue to step 2]. End of procedure 2 Photoconductor unit test process Do you see the photoconductor unit drum rotating? Go to step [3]. Go to step [10]. 3 Check cashdirt through the silver seal on the strap inside the photoconductor unit. Remove the photoconductor unit. Rotate the photoconductor kit accessory until you can read the silver seal on the attached ribbon. Is money dirty? Replace the photoconductor unit. Go to step [4]. remove a few checks from the SENSOR TR-0 photoconductor unit (TR0 fixation sensor). Is the SENSOR TR-0 securely attached? Go to step [5]. Attach the TR-0 SENSOR again and proceed to step [5]. 5 Check the surface for dirt and debris Remove the SENSOR from the TR-0 photoconductor unit. Is there dirt or foreign objects on the surface of TR-0 SENSOR? Clean to remove dirt or debris and proceed to step [6]. Go to step [7]. 6 Does the error repeat when you turn on the power? Go to step [7]. End of Methods 7 Function Check Remove the SENSOR TR-0 photoconductor unit. Voltage with p416-2. P416-3 on the PWBA MCU is 5VDC when disposable silver or other reflective objects are within range of the TR-0 SENSOR and 0VDC when you disconnect the object? MCU PWBA. Go to step [8]. 5VDC Power Duration Check current for SENSOR TR-0 Voltage relative to P416-1. P416-3 on MCU PWBA is VDC? 5 Go to step [9]. Go to step [14]. Disconnect the HARNESS-ASSY XERO P/J416 9-Decimal Continuity Check from the MCU PWBA. Do all cables below provide continuity? regular J416-1. J108-3 J416-2 . J108-2 J416-3 . Replace SENSOR J108-1 TR-0. Replace HARNESSASSY XERO.10 Inspection after replacing MOTOR ASSY P/R. Replace ENGINE ASSEMBLY P/R. Does the error repeat when you turn it on? Go to step [11]. End of procedure 11 Check the 28 VDC power supply. current for MOTOR ASSY P/R. Disconnect P/J201 from MOTOR ASSY P/R. Voltage from J201-1. J201-2 is 24GB DC? at step [12]. Go to step [13]. 12 MAIN HARNESS ASSEMBLY Inspection Disconnect P/J403 from behind the MCU PWBA. The transition between all j403 terminals is purely natural. J200? Replace the PWBA microcontroller. Repair broken or shorted part. 13 Continuity Checking ASSY Harness Disconnect P/J502 from LV/HVPS. Do all of the following common wiring have normal continuity? J502-9. J201-1 J502-10 . Replace J201-2 LV/HVPS. Repair a defective or simply shorted part. 145VDC power tested. current on the PWBA MCU voltage is one of the P410-3. P410-4 on PWBA MCU replaces 5VDC? MCU PWBA. Go to step [15]. 15 MAIN HARNESS ASSEMBLY Continuity Check Disconnect P/J410 from PWBA MCU in addition to P/J502 from LV/HVPS. Does each of the following postings have a popular J410-3 pass? . J502-3 J410-4 . Replace J502-4 LV/HVPS. Repair damaged or shorted part.