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    In the past few days, some users have encountered a known error code using the Blackberry Bold Troubleshooting White Screen. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s take a look at them now.

    Blackberry White Screen of Death (WSOD) and Black Screen of Death (BSOD) are two very common Blackberry problems. If you have one or the other anyway, it really is only a matter of time; and if you have to, don’t panic as it might just be one of the many small storylines of Blackberry White Screen of Death or Black Screen of Death. You can tell us that they got their names and why, and that they should have earned Death as a member (which, beyond fear, suggests something very serious). The Blackberry White and Black Death Screen is one of several indicators / sticks your Blackberry will give you in the event of a major crash (see -or-crashed-blackberry-os-system-software / ).

    Another set of indicators that you will surely get are the ellipses that appear on your current screen. You really should be happy that your mainstream Blackberry warns you and expects your needs to be met before it does something on its own. In this tutorial, we will focus on the Blackberry white screen associated with death.

    Blackberry White Screen of Death is an error that this Blackberry is facing and which is characterized by an actual white screen that can either appear blank or display a useful error code. The ending “dead” is most often associated with a name, suggesting that some element / process is faulty and could easily lead to a more serious episode if left unchecked. A white computer screen may appear either during boot / startup (the Blackberry may freeze on the correct white screen showing an error law), or during use (the Blackberry screen may gradually turn white) and the screen remains
    so often no further action is taken …

    As mentioned earlier, Blackberry White screen of Death is usually a warning sign, but some of the things that can cause this error to appear are listed below:

  • Overheated, damaged, or swollen solar battery: if your Blackberry battery breaks down, gets very hot during use, or may swell slightly, you may associate the Blackberry’s white screen with death, which in this case will be the case – gradually youbloom the screen to white.
  • Bad instance or JVM errors. Installing an incompatible or faulty app can lead to your own white screen of death. In this case, the Blackberry may freeze on the white LCD monitor during startup, displaying an error code.
  • Excessive load on the screen. Another common cause of WSOD is when the Blackberry falls violently to the floor, into new liquid, or excessive pressure on the screen.
  • Storage / humidity Too much data. Too many active / poorly written programs installed on a Blackberry can overload or leak memory, resulting in a white screen of death.
  • Round CMOS battery. A dead CMOS battery can often be another cause.
  • How can I tell that Custom Blackberry may soon develop a White Screen of Death?

    There are three likely signs that a Blackberry is approaching the white screen of death:

  • Overheating: If the Blackberry heats up higher than normal, or even gets very hot during use, a danger may arisethe death of the connected white screen. WSOD can simply be caused by a worn out battery or a damaged component on the motherboard.
  • Exceptions: As soon as any undetected exceptions are thrown, you will see a blank screen associated with death. WSOD is usually caused by an operating system JVM crash or error.
  • Screen discoloration: If any part of the screen is rainbow colored or slightly discolored, your white screen of death could be next. WSOD may be due to a screen issue.
  • Is it common if I get Blackberry White of Death screen from time to time?

    No. There is nothing normal about the white screen of death. After the best WSODs have been tried, it’s great to find the problem or fix it quickly.

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  • Why didn’t the white screen of death add up when cleaning the Blackberry operating system?

    Removing a Blackberry operating system without installing another operating system on it only results in a specific type of WSOD. If rebooting or reinstalling the operating system is not a reliable WSOD solution, it must be app related A recurring problem.

    How can I prevent or avoid future white screen deaths?

  • Avoid installation as there are many applications.
  • Do not charge your Blackberry through the PC app, as this may damage the battery.
  • If overheating is observed, be sure to take measures to cool the Blackberry.
  • Remove applications that were not intercepted and thrown exceptions.
  • Protect our Blackberry from being dropped on hard surfaces, splashing into water, or excessive pressure on the dedicated screen.
  • To avoid mistakes, remove the battery at least once a week.
  • Also restart the operating system if nearly all error messages are displayed.
  • blackberry bold troubleshooting white screen

    Will I fix the Blackberry White Screen of Death?

    There are a number of things you can do to really improve the Blackberry White Screen of Death. Some of them:

  • Remove the battery. Remove the battery, wait a minute, and then reinsert it.
  • Charge the battery: the battery is probably discharged. Remove and reinsert the battery and reconnectRead your phone to the source of exposure.
  • OS Upgrade / Downgrade: Make sure you actually have the correct OS image, Blackberry Desktop Manager and PC with power supply. (see
  • Reboot / Remove OS: Load the operating system using JL_Cmder or BBSAK. If rebooting the operating system does not work, try uninstalling the operating system and installing a new operating system, but make sure you have the correct operating system (see – fix-repair-a-corrupt -nuked-or-acshed-blackberry-operating-system-software-os / directory).
  • Gently push down on the screen. Gently press down on the lower right side of the screen with the primary P key, then down with the Q key in the left corner.
  • Hold the LCD cable loosely: this phone and secure the LCD cable with tape on all sides. A
  • Look at the motherboard: there are two to three ICs next to the LCD connector. Replace them if necessary.
  • Screen Replacement: If the white screen of death does not disappear after completing all of the aboveAs a result, you might just see a broken screen. In this case, replace the screen.
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