Sometimes your computer may display a 0x800ccc78 mail. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    0x800ccc78 is also defined as Outlook send and receive error. This happens when sending messages or composing emails in Outlook. You are not allowed to send emails, but you can stop incoming messages. This means that Outlook is not currently configured to authenticate when sending emails.

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    Error message 0x800ccc78 usually contains the tag “unknowncommon bug” which makes it impossible to diagnose and fix. Like most software problems, this is actually a lot easier to fix than you might think. A few simple tweaks should be what you need to get Outlook back in control and get rid of error 0x800ccc78.

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      Open Outlook as usual. If you opened it normally and see an error message, close and reopen the program before continuing.

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      How do I verify my email in account properties?

      Sign in to manage your Microsoft sign-in type.Almost all unverified aliases have a confirmation button.Click Verify next to all of your email addresses, then click Send Email.


      Click “Tools” and then “Account Settings”.

      ” The “Tools” button should be located above the top banner of the software. Account settings can be found in the drop-down menu that appears.

      • Note. In some Outlook duplicates, this is located under File → About → Account Settings.[1]


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      In your account settings, select the “Email” tab. As soon as you click on “Account Settings”, your little window with several tabs will actually appear. Select Email. Your written account should appear.

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      Select “Settings” at the bottom right, maybe click “Outbox”. More parameters will force someone else to run a smaller window with more loss at the top. Click “Outbox” to access the correct settings.

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      Make sure your outgoing settings are correct.

      Surprisingly, only two things are important, but both need to be taken into account for Outlook to return the correct results you:

    6. Check the “My Expenditure (SMTP) Server Requires Authentication” box.
    7. Click on the filtering label: “Use the same settings as the incoming mail server”.[2]